Word-in-a-word challenge

Image: mbears/thinkstock.co.uk

Billingshurst Primary School raised over £400 with a word-in-a-word challenge.

Claire Goulding, PTA Vice-Chair, Billingshurst Primary School, Horsham (630 pupils) told us: 'Our committee read an article in PTA+ Magazine (winter 2013) about a word-in-a-word challenge run by another school. We thought it would be a great activity to tie in with our push to encourage pupils with their reading and writing skills.

We gave every child a sponsorship form and asked them to find as many words as they could within our school name, encouraging them to find the longest and most unusual words, and the best anagram. We asked our local village magazine to sponsor the competition, as there was a logical connection to the writing theme. It was lovely to see parents getting into the spirit of the competition and working with their children to find new words. Our KS2 winner found a staggering 1,079 words, whilst the longest word discovered was "scholarships" and collectively the children raised over £400.

Our English leader Mrs Wilson said "We are incredibly proud of the time and effort the children put into the competition, and at the diverse range and sheer volume of words discovered! The challenge has been a fantastic way of encouraging the children to develop their vocabulary, while working alongside parents and grandparents to really stretch their linguistic knowledge and encourage some healthy competition!"'