What is FundEd?

At FundEd, we believe in helping schools deliver the enriching education that every pupil in this country is entitled to.

We know that schools have limited time and resources to put towards income generation, so our package has been designed to support schools in achieving their funding goals.

Need funding to deliver your School Development Plan?

Whether your priority is raising attainment in maths, improving literacy, replacing outdated resources, developing a better outdoor space, (or something else), FundEd is here to help! Creating a strategy for generating the income required to meet the school's priorities is the vital first step. For advice on developing a strategy, our Getting Started Handbook will guide you and use our strategy template to outline your goals and targets, identify your potential support base, and recognise outcome drivers. 

Don't have time to spend researching grants?

The FundEd grants database has been designed to save members time and effort. We've done all the research for you, with available funding listed by curriculum or interest area. Most of the grant-giving trusts listed feature examples of previously-funded school projects, which enables you to see which kind of projects have been supported in the past and how similar these are to your own.

Need to attract more donors and supporters particularly from local businesses?

FundingWall.org.uk is porvided free as part of the FundEd subscription, this new tool provides some quick wins by providing a platform you can use not just to thank donors for their contributions but also to help reward and incentivise them for doing so. 

Want proven examples of funding solutions that have worked for other schools?

Browse our range of case studies for practical, real-world solutions online and access back copies of our glossy magazine which is published once a term and is packed with ideas and inspiration. School leaders and PTAs have shared their successes with grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising events, business partnerships, and more. Benchmark your school against primary, secondary, or special needs settings with a similar number of pupils, that were facing similar challenges. This will help you better assess what your own school is able to achieve.

Need to build knowledge and confidence when it comes to income generation?

Our knowledgeable team of funding experts contribute advice specifically tailored to address the needs of the education sector. Get detailed and trusted advice on everything from applying for grants and running a crowdfunding campaign, to establishing business partnerships and running successful events.  Whatever your fundraising plans you can always Ask FundEd, your fundraising friend who is always available to help

Interested to know what free resources are available through campaigns, competitions and prize draws?

The FundEd website is regularly updated with campaigns and competitions that run throughout the year. Schools can usually acquire equipment, access new learning opportunities or get cash prizes as a result of participating in various activities. We also secure education resources to give away once a term in our exclusive FundEd prize draws.

Access support and added value from our FundEd partners

  • Bid Writing and Cif applications - receive a suitability review of grant applications,  from our partners GD Funding and ICS
  • Online training - free 'bite size' online fundraising training tutorials from Chameleon Training
  • Support for setting up on a Regular Giving platform - with DonateMySchool 
  • Procurement support - One free 45-minute free consultation via Minerva PCS
  • Alumni support - use our 'step by step' to develop programmes to support volunteering and donations in partnership with Future First. 

How much does FundEd cost?

An annual individual subscription to FundEd costs £90 (ex VAT) 

‘What a brilliant resource FundEd is! For the first time in one place, you can access numerous different ideas on how to gain extra resources for your school. I found it really inspiring to read about what other schools have fundraised for and how they achieved their goals. My life in these times of school funding austerity just got a whole lot easier – thank you FundEd!’ Jo Marchant, Strategic Business Leader, Meadowfield School, Kent and Fellow of NASBM

 ‘As a Business Manager for a large school, the pull on my financial resources is huge and I need to be creative in finding extra funding. FundEd stimulates that creative thinking through showcasing a variety of fundraising ideas and initiatives and by sharing innovative practice from schools in similar situations. It’s a wonderful new resource.' Robbie Garner, Business Manager, Mark Rutherford School, Bedford

 “I keep all the FundEd magazines; they are a great income generation reference library. Usually with magazines I pull out the articles I want to keep and put the rest in the recycling, but with FundEd I keep the whole magazine.”  Hayley Dunn ACCA FISBL - Leadership specialist for the ACSL

 “I have found FundEd Magazine to be one of the most useful funding resource tools that SBM’s can have in their top draw.  The hints, tips and advice provided by FundEd are second to none and In addition to this, you have the confidence you are working with individuals who understand the business of education and can target the advice perfectly.  I highly recommend it to all educational establishments, the first bit of advice that you use will repay your school tenfold!”  Russell Dalton FNASBM, Finance and Business Director - Pershore High School

'Inspiring, innovative and informative: FundEd is our go-to resource for new fundraising initiatives. Last academic year, we generated in the region of £15,000 in vital funds for the school including a £500 grant from the Institute of Physics for science week and an incredible £7,720 from our first ever crowdfunding project.  Throughout our campaign, the Funded expert team were on hand to guide us in the right direction, instilling a great sense of confidence and firing us with determination to achieve our goal. And so we did! If you’re looking to maximise your school's fundraising potential, FundEd is your answer.' Charlotte Gateshill, Governor and Chair of the Community Partnership Group, Camelsdale Primary School, Haselmere, Surrey (240 pupils)

'Since joining FundEd in September 2016 we've raised £88,500! We needed to raise funds to regenerate the school's outdoor space, so decided to sign up to the FundEd programme. One of the most invaluable benefits is how straightforward it is to access the grants database, coupled with the excellent guidance on completing a successful application. Since joining in September 2016 we have been successful with five different bids worth £88,500! FundEd also has excellent giveaway prizes and we recently won a bundle of new books for our school library. Having found the grant search process and application advice from FundEd so invaluable, we don’t intend to stop at playgrounds but now plan to look into funding for library resources and other improvements across the school!' Mel Fane, PTA Trustee, Our Lady of Lourdes RC School, Brighton, Sussex, (199 pupils)

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