Your School Lottery

Your School Lottery is the easy way to raise funds for your school.

Your School Lottery creates and runs lotteries for schools across the UK. These lotteries raise money through local communities to improve educational facilities and the school environment for thousands of pupils.

This is the ideal way to fundraise for your school year-round, even through the school holidays. With just 50 tickets a week you can fundraise more than £1,000 every year. Your supporters can win guaranteed cash prizes every week, plus a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot. Supporters find joy in their involvement, regardless of the outcome, as they know their contributions are creating a positive impact.

“It’s fundraising we don’t have to think about! It’s all been done for us – we just buy tickets and share the enthusiasm!” - Penny Woods, Secretary, Friends of St Martin of Porres

Contemplating a school lottery? Take the leap and create your own, hassle-free! Here's what you get:

  • No hidden charges, no minimum player requirements, and no setup costs – it's a seamless process.

  • 50% of the ticket proceeds going directly to your school funds, and 20% towards cash prizes, making it a win-win.

  • Prize distribution and customer support, ensuring your lottery operations are smooth and efficient

  • Customised marketing materials designed to promote your fundraising lottery effectively, making it even easier to garner support.

  • An intuitive online dashboard and regular performance insights to help you stay informed.

Get ready to take your school fundraising efforts to the next level with a fun and effective lottery! Visit Your School Lottery to get started.