We used experts to secure £3.7million of CIF grants

A Nottinghamshire MAT achieve its goals thanks to ICS Funding Services.

Aviva Community Fund Chromebooks

School's Chromebooks funded thanks to £1,000 from the Aviva Community Fund

Siobhan Dowd Trust

The Siobhan Dowd Trust helped Moorlands Primary Academy restock its library

Reading Oasis programme

Nightingale Primary School now has a full library thanks to a £10,000 donation

Supermarket grants

Success with two supermarket grants transformed Stallingborough Primary School's memorial garden

LGBT+ workshops

Embracing diversity through LGBT+ workshops

Students visit concentration camp

An £18,880 grant took students from Birmingham to Bergen-Belsen

WWII project

Birkenhead High School Academy was awarded £81,600 to restore the WWII tunnels beneath the school

Institute of Physics

£600 grant funds high-altitude balloon for school

Biodome project

Severn View Academy received a £10,000 grant to install a biodome and enhance outdoor learning

The #iwill Fund

£3,600 from the #iwill Fund enabled All Saints' CofE Primary School to run an intergenerational project

Ogden Trust case study

The Ogden Trust contributed £2,500 to a science lab at Our Lady and St Kenelm RC School, which benefits over 1,000 pupils at eight schools