Your Fundraising Gift Shop

Sell gifts at your event and keep the profits! You can raise lots in an afternoon, it requires minimal volunteer time, and children love it. provides a pre-selected pack of gifts for you to sell at school. You can choose to buy wrapped gifts to make the job easier, or unwrapped if your PTA would like to wrap them up and add value.

In a wrapped shop, one gift of each type is left unwrapped as a display item. The children choose what they would like to buy and take home a ready-wrapped gift for mum or dad. You buy the gifts at £2+VAT each and it's recommended you sell them at £3 each you keep the profit!

In an unwrapped shop, there are no boxes, bows or gift wrap but the gifts are just £1.66 + VAT so you make more profit if you sell for £3 each.

You can choose between small (100 gifts), medium (250 gifts) or large (400 gifts) shops, and can use our add-on packs of 25 gifts to tailor your pack to fit your school requirements. YourFundraisingGiftShop accepts returns of up to 20 gifts for a full refund, provided they are returned by the date specified.

It works well on Mothers Day, Fathers Day and at Christmas too. has helped hundreds of PTAs raise money this way so why not find out more, and read comments from other PTAs, by visiting their website, Facebook page, or emailing