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Create your FREE fundraising PTA website in just 15 minutes. Includes event tickets, parents' buy and sell, PTA shop and more!

Create your own FREE fundraising PTA website in just 15 minutes

Create your very own PTA website and promote the role of your Parent Teacher Association to help raise more funds for your school.

Fundraising for your school also becomes a lot easier. Instead of school jumble sales and collecting payments for different fundraising events in person, your website will give your PTA an online shop and payment platform to collect and process payments. The website template, specifically designed for PTAs, can be set up and be operational in just 15 minutes.

Features include:


Parents can discover and pay online for school events such as discos and BBQs with the events feature.

Parents' buy and sell

Enable parents to buy and sell pre-owned school uniforms online and turn other unwanted pre-owned items into cash using the online parents' buy and sell marketplace, with a percentage of sales proceeds going to your PTA.

PTA shop

Increase your fundraising capabilities with your own online PTA shop for school and PTA merchandise.

News and notifications

Keep your parents informed and connected with the news and notifications feature.

Blogs and articles

Share stories, news and updates with the feature-rich blog for parents on your website.

Parents' business directory

Let parents advertise their local businesses within the school community and create another revenue opportunity for your PTA with the parents' business directory feature.


Give parents access to a wealth of valuable educational information with the resources feature.


Raise funds for your school with the easy fundraising tools and get closer to your goals.

Join Our PTA Website today and create your FREE PTA website in just 15 minutes.

Simply sign up, add your content and start building your community now!

As a busy parent, I absolutely love how ourpta.website makes communicating with parents, and fundraising for our school a breeze! From hassle-free online event payments, to the fantastic preloved buy and sell feature, it’s not just convenient, it’s easy use. This platform is a total game-changer for us!’  Temple Grafton Primary School