Make your fundraising journey effortless with the myPTA app. Engage your community and increase fundraising opportunities with the app.

The myPTA app offers a simple, seamless engaging and affordable solution for school PTAs.

  • Do you struggle to engage parents with your events?

  • Do you want to go cashless, but perhaps youre not sure where to start?

  • Do you want to be able to send messages, but are worried about GDPR?

  • Do you want to sell second hand school uniform, but perhaps you’re not sure how to sell it?

The myPTA app can help with all these challenges and more.

What is the myPTA app?

The myPTA app was designed for PTAs, because they understand the challenges you face.

Key features of the myPTA app are:

  • Sell and share events

  • Receive and send messages

  • List and sell merchandise

  • News feed to engage with your community

  • Generate revenue from advertising

  • Create collections and donations

Whether youre leading the association, volunteering, or simply supporting your PTA through engagement, myPTAs purpose is to help you achieve your objective.

How does the myPTA app differ from other fundraising platforms?

There is no fee for any ticket sales sold through the app. There are no set up fees, no platform fees and no hidden costs. myPTA is upfront about their fees so that there are never any surprises!

How much does the app cost?

The charge is £3 per child, paid annually. Plus, myPTA offers a reduction to schools based on their rate of Pupil Premium students, and also if your school has more than 500 children. When using the payment function through the app, fees may apply for payments made via Stripe, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. These fees can be avoided by selecting cash payment or bank transfer in the app.

Free trial!

myPTA offers a 3 month free trial to school PTAs, so that you can use the app and see the benefits for yourself without any financial commitment. myPTA doesnt take your card details for the free trial, so you will never be charged unexpectedly. Visit: for more information on the app and the benefits to your PTA.

Do you have further questions?

Please do contact myPTA on they would love to help you with any questions you may have.