EasyRead Time Teacher

EasyRead TimeTeacher is a family business dedicated to helping children when learning to tell the time on analogue clocks.

Have you tried to teach your child how to tell the time on an analogue clock? It's very difficult to explain in way that children can understand isnt it? The EasyRead Time Teacher Clock makes this complex task really simple. It distills the process down to 3 simple steps that any child can understand and remember. With just a few minutes tuition they can tell the time, with a little bit more practice they can soon read the time on any analogue clock or watch. No other clock has our unique dial and 3 Step Teaching System; no other clock can teach this skill so quickly and easily. Any child that can recognise numbers can do it. The EasyRead Time Teaching System uses a unique combination of 5 elements to work effectively. These five elements are:

1. THE INFORMATION ON THE DIAL All the information a child needs to tell the time is displayed on the dial. The two sides are shown as minutes past and minutes to. oclock, past, past and to and the five minute boxes are highlighted.

2. NUMBER BOXES Each number is in a separate box. This is essential to identify which number to read and to clarify when the hour number changes from PAST the last hour to TO the next hour.

3. TAILORED HAND LENGTH The hands are exactly the correct length for the points to penetrate into the number boxes. The child automatically reads the number contained in the box at the end of the hand. The point swiftly moves from one box to the next, eliminating confusion about which numbers to read.

4. CLEAR DISTINCTION BETWEEN HOUR AND MINUTES The significant difference between the size of the numbers makes it easy for children to remember which are minutes and which are hours. The hands too are vastly different in size to avoid confusion about which is which.

5. THE 3 STEP TEACHING SYSTEM The 3 step teaching system leads the child through the tell-the-time process to arrive at the correct answer every time. (Except at oclock; then we simply read the number at the end of the hour hand first and follow it by saying oclock). EasyRead Time Teacher clocks provide the simplest and most effective time teaching system for children. No other clock in the world has such a simple and effective system.