Minipods & Scooterpods are bike and scooter storage solutions for schools which are made from 100% recycled plastic!


Cyclepods has supplied bike and scooter storage to over 3,000 nurseries, primary and secondary schools in the UK, so they feel extremely confident saying that when it comes to cycle parking within education, they have a solution that not only secures bikes in the most space efficient way, but will also encourage children to travel to school sustainably!

The Minipod is a fun, colourful and compact cycle storage design which secures 8 bikes and 8 scooters. Available in a range of different colours, the Minipod is ideal for primary schools encouraging cycling and the children love them! The Minipod has been designed to fit 12"-26" wheels, so is specifically aimed at children up to 11 years of age; ideal for primary schools, but can cater for the occasional teacher/adult bike with 26" wheels. At less than 1.5 meters in diameter, the Minipod not only saves space, but appeals to children by offering a colourful, innovative and playful design. Minipods are also sustainable products with a fully recycled model available (in black). Cyclepods offers a selection of colour options, all of which are 100% recyclable. There are now over 18,000 bike spaces in schools across the UK provided by Minipods!

The Scooterpod is a unique storage solution just for scooters! The fun and colourful innovation is ideal for nursery and primary schools, securing 10, 11, 12 or 24 scooters in different configurations! Like all Cyclepods products, the Scooterpod is manufactured in the UK and available in 100% recycled materials. They have recently adapted the design of the original Scooterpod so linear segments are now available. Each segment of a round or linear Scooterpod holds 5 scooters, 2 linear segments can be placed side by side against a wall to give 11 spaces or back to back to give 10 scooters.

Since the Minipods arrived the volume of Green traffic has most definitely increased. So a very big thank you to all who have supported us. P.S. Even staff are cycling to work! Kirsten Wilkie, School Travel Plan Coordinator, Renfrewshire Council

We are absolutely delighted with our Minipods and I cant begin to tell you how popular they are. The children really enjoy coming to school on their bike and scooters and its wonderful to see them arrive in the playground and take responsibility for parking them and locking them up. The Minipods are used across all our year groups, from Reception to Year 4 and even by the staff! They are just the right size and simple to use. Emma Morris, Parent Governor

Although we havent kept a record of numbers, I would say just be looking out the window in the morning there are around 50% more bikes and scooters! The children find them easy to use and the fact they are 100% recyclable is very important to us. The Minipods were purchased through our green travel grant, therefore to have a product which encourage green travel but is also recyclable itself couldnt be better. We believe they are helping keep our children healthy by encouraging them to bike/scooter to school. Your installation team were so quiet and considerate; we didnt even know they were there! Mary Goldsmith, Loose Primary School