Bag2School is a free fundraising scheme for anyone wishing to raise funds through the collection and sale of unwanted clothes.

Dont throw that fundraising away

Bag2School is passionate about reuse and recycling and their innovative textile collection operation allows your school to become engaged in providing a worthwhile solution for unwanted clothes, shoes and other textile items, as well as raising valuable funds for your school.

Their service is completely free, they provide donation bags with your school name, or they can send the leaflets explaining how it works and parents can use their own bags.

They will also arrange an efficient collection service on a pre-booked day, so there are no storage issues. The current rate is £400.00 / Tonne (£0.40 Kg) and, since Bag2School was launched in 1999, they have paid over £42million to schools that have organised collections with them.

The company has been involved in the second-hand clothing business for over 40 years. They have an extensive network of trusted sorting companies to whom they have been selling clothing for many years now. These companies are located in the UK, Europe and Asia.

When the clothing arrives at their warehouses the goods are separated into around 500 different grades. The sorted goods are then sent to markets all over the world, including Africa, South East-Asia, Europe and indeed right here in England, where they can be found in Vintage shops.

In all these markets second-hand clothing creates many thousands of jobs and provides people with a good source of quality and affordable clothing.

The goods that are not suitable for reuse as clothing are sent to recycling factories where they are reprocessed and either made once again into clothing, as in the case of woollen garments, or into padding for furniture. Cotton garments are cut up and used as industrial wiping cloths.

Schools and parents can feel confident that all the clothing collected by Bag2School will be correctly handed and will not end up in landfill sites either here in the UK or abroad.

So, be part of the solution and organise a Bag2School collection. Contact them on:

Tel.: 01609 780222 email: website:

We are a Gloucestershire primary school and have used Bag2School for many years as a source of PTA fundraising. They are very reliable and their staff are always really helpful on the phone and on the day of collection. We do 3 collections per year, just after each half term. I would highly recommend them. Nathalie Cooper Dawson

Unit 6 - 7 Omega Business Village, Thurston Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL6 2NJ
01609 780222