Amazing Interactives

Amazing Interactives Ltd was set up in 2004 to develop and supply next generation visual software and hardware installations for the Educational sector.


The Amazing Interactives team has now installed more than 1000 complex audio visual systems including 3D projection and immersive rooms in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and visitor attractions around the world. It is a forward-thinking company which innovates new ideas and concepts and has several trademarks and patents pending. Unlike most AV companies it specialises in full turnkey solutions covering both software and hardware.

Technical Capability

Amazing Interactives Ltd continues to be a market leader specialising in advanced display solutions, touch screens, 3D graphics and projection systems and has now taken on projects as far afield as the USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, South America, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Luxemburg, Japan and China. This coverage has gained the company worldwide status as a leading supplier of Technical audio visual solutions. These include installing immersive projection rooms, full virtual reality systems and 3D projection and interactive displays. This combination of expertise insures that the hardware is fit for purpose and will fit with the work flow of the client. Amazing Interactives™ Limited is committed to providing innovative software & hardware solutions for all of its sectors. Having over 15 years experience they provide solutions using the most advanced technologies available.

They can offer:-

  • Advanced display solutions including Immersive rooms, large scale projection systems (installed the largest in a college in the UK today)

  • Dedicated real-time 3D curriculum based educational software packages – Over 150 modules available ranging from primary through to vocational skills training

  • The most competitively priced touch screen displays in the market today, with sizes ranging from 55" to 84" and up to 4k resolution

  • Bespoke real-time 3D interactive software

  • Virtual reality hardware installations including 3D stereoscopic screens & projection systems

  • Consultancy and training for advanced display and visual 3D software projects

Amazing Interactives success has been due to utilising the best creative and technical skills available. Constantly breaking boundaries in technology with the use of the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions.

Commercial – data rooms, interactive software development, 2D/3D film editing, touch screens, 2D/3D interactive development, 2D/3D animation, virtual reality headsets and development, motion capture, hologram systems, transparent displays, 3D equipment and film hire, 3D film editing, interactive floors/walls educational – 3D interactive primary, secondary and vocational software library, immersive rooms, special needs, universities, sensory rooms, large scale projection, 3D projection, virtual reality installations, touch screen wall and table, interactive floors/walls.

Visitor attractions – 2D/3D interactive software development, 2D/3D film editing, touch screens, 3D interactives, 2D/3D animation, virtual reality, hologram systems and projection, transparent displays LED and LCD, motion capture, 3D equipment and film hire, interactive floors/walls, architectural mapping.

Consultancy – in regards to AV & 2D/3D software development.

Children at Park End Primary in Overdale Road, Middlesbrough were the first to give the ISportsWall a go and they love it, said head teacher Julia Rodwell: The curriculum content within the programme enables teachers to present lessons across many subjects.

Designed by teachers, the quizzes link directly to what the children have been learning in programmes designed to support social distancing.  Kader and Breckon Hill primaries have also had the wall installed. Kader head Alison Mitchinson said: The technology was amazing. Our hall space has been developed to create an enhanced learning environment. I am really keen to see how our children enjoy and progress through its continued use.

Joanne Smith, Breckon Hills head, said: The children have lost so many valuable experiences. For us we have a sports week in school which is a really big event and although this cannot be replaced, ISportsWall will enable children to have lots of opportunity to exercise safely whilst learning.

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