Action Play & Leisure

Action Play & Leisure has many years' experience in designing & manufacturing high quality timber based playground equipment for schools & Early Years environments.

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Action Play & Leisure draws on its many years of experience to create specially designed playground equipment for nurseries, schools and Early Years settings, catering to children of all ages and abilities. Their team works together closely with school councils, PTAs, and teachers to come up with innovative and challenging play areas. They know that play is the fundamental cornerstone of learning and they pride themselves on working with those in the field of education to create spaces where childrens imaginations and bodies can run wild, encouraging them to develop physically and intellectually, whilst building up their confidence and social skills. They design sustainable equipment which adheres to strict safety standards and, together with nurseries and schools, they build playgrounds which are in harmony with their environment, transforming the visions of children and teachers into an exciting, adventurous reality.