Promoting physics or engineering

Up to £600 available for projects or events linked to physics or engineering

Enhancing quality of life

Up to £100,000 for building work or specialist equipment at Special Schools

School partnerships

Up to £5,000 for UK schools working in partnership with schools in Germany

Capital projects in Dorset

Supporting causes in East Dorset, 'no scheme is too big or too small'

Environmental projects

Awards up to £2,000 for projects that aim to improve the local environment

Academic and practical education

Small or medium grants helping young people acheive their full potential

Outdoor learning

Part-funding for outdoor learning courses for disadvantaged children

Extra-curricular activities

Up to £5,000 is available to support young people in extra-curricular activities

Music-making projects

Up to £100,000 per year for music projects benefitting young people

Special projects

Small grants of £500 to £1,000 for projects that support diversity and inclusion

Equipment funding

Small grants for furniture and/or equipment benefitting young people aged 16-25

The science of ecology

Up to £2,000 for projects that engage audiences with the science of ecology

Maths projects

£800-worth of funding available to stimulate an interest in maths.

Specialised equipment

Providing specialised equipment to children with disabilities in the North East of England


Up to £15,000 for introducing classics to children at primary and secondary schools