Community projects

Funding for schools to revitalise the local environment and support local communities

Improving children's lives

Up to £30,000 to support children and young people with disabilities

Disabled children

Funding for organisations and projects that work with disabled children

Recognising achievement

Achievement awards for young people and small grants up to £750

Capital sports projects

Grants of up to £150,000 to fund capital projects that encourage sports.

Providing opportunities for young people

Improving quality of life in the City of Sunderland and County Durham

Local environmental initiatives

Funding for environment and education projects in Edinburgh schools

Capital projects in Dorset

Supporting causes in East Dorset, 'no scheme is too big or too small'

Engineering, science and maths

Funding engineering subjects for young people in the North East

The study of music

Apply for £8,500 of funding available for music scholarships or workshops

Environmental projects

Awards up to £2,000 for projects that aim to improve the local environment

Funding for schools in Belfast

Up to £3,000 for community and sport projects in Belfast schools

Grants for registered charities

Small grants for registered charities over a wide range of charitable objectives

Funding for French visits

Up to £5,000 available for UK schools to visit partner-schools in France

History and archaeology

Promoting the study of history and archaeology in Lancashire and Cheshire