Community funding

Funding for communities affected by oil and gas exploration and production

Developing arts and education

Funding for charities to promote literature, music and theatre in schools

Science equipment

£600 for primary schools or £1,000 for secondary schools for science equipment

Raising aspirations

Between £1,000 and £10,000 to raise the aspirations of children in Wales

Funding for French visits

Up to £5,000 available for UK schools to visit partner-schools in France

Academic and practical education

Small or medium grants helping young people acheive their full potential

Energy efficiency

Small grants for local projects focussing on energy efficiency and sustainability

Funding football facilities

Up to £500,000-worth of grants for building or refurbishing sports facilities

Supporting learning

Funding for schools and education in Sussex

Library-enhancement and arts projects

Grants awarded for arts, literacy and library-enhancement projects

Supporting disadvantaged children

Up to £40,000/year for projects benefitting disadvantaged children in the UK

Innovative teaching

Up to £15,000 for a project that demonstrates innovative teaching

Making a difference

Improving welfare, quality of life, opportunities and life choices

Wheelchair tennis

Part-funding for wheelchairs and grants of up to £1,500

Helping the disadvantaged

Equipment grants of up to £6,000 to benefit disadvantaged children