Happy's Circus

Happy's Circus is an all-human Circus established in 1992 with two circuses touring the country. We bring live interactive traditional Circus to schools, supported by an experienced fundraising Head Office team with loads of ideas to help plan and support your Fundraising Event.

EasyRead Time Teacher

EasyRead Time Teacher is a family business dedicated to helping children when learning to tell the time on analogue clocks.


Award-winning communication systems for the education sector – enabling schools to send messages instantly and securely


A new fast way of naming all your belongings! A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.

Neptune Street Furniture

A British manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture for schools, including benches, seats, picnic tables, litter bins and planters

Caloo Ltd

Caloo Ltd offer a wide range of playground, sports and surfacing products, to provide a complete solution to your project.

Wild Science

Wild Science provides schools with high-quality animal education and therapy workshops

PHVC Minibus & Fleet Suppliers

PHVC Minibus & Fleet Suppliers is a leading vehicle management and supply company, which specialises in the Education, Community & Care and B2B sectors for vehicle procurement.

Pentagon Play

Innovative school playground equipment to inspire outdoor learning and develop active and emotional wellbeing in pupils from EYFS to KS2

Hartland Hoodies

Hartland Hoodies offer a great fundraising opportunity to schools and PTAs, value for money and easy online ordering for parents and a great gift for the children to remember friends they made during their time at school, college or university.


Using natural materials and creative thinking Timotay Playscapes offers clients the best possible playground solution tailored for their school

Infinite Playgrounds

Infinite Playgrounds transforms school playgrounds with colourful translucent canopies and natural climbing structures

Initiatives Fundraising

Traditional Fundraisers made easy.