Playground fundraising solutions

How can you raise money for your playground project? Our guide breaks down the best fundraising strategies

Belling Cookery Club competition

Two primary schools can win £2,000-worth of cooking appliances

Brainstorming ideas

Invest some time to brainstorm your fundraising options, then schedule the individual activities into an annual plan


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YPO expert advice: investing in ICT

Ensure that you're getting cost-effective ICT solutions that fully meet the needs of your school

The Generation Beyond Challenge

Pupils must design a habitation module for the first crew to Mars

Mind map to identify supporters

A mind map helps you visually organise your potential support network. Use our template to spark ideas and save time.

Fundraising strategy

A funding strategy should outline your school's objectives, the amounts needed, and how you plan to raise this money within an agreed timeframe

Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge

Pupils have one month to turn £10 into a business

FundEd Magazine – spring 2016

How are other schools currently generating income? Get fundraising inspiration in the first issue of FundEd Magazine!

Big Schools’ Birdwatch

This campaign encourages students to take an interest in birds while learning how to record data

Jump Rope for Heart

Receive free skipping resources, and teach pupils about the importance of exercise

The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge

Students must work in teams to produce and pitch creative business ideas

Community Matters

This scheme supports and donates money to local causes

FundEd Magazine – autumn 2017

Need fundraising inspiration? Read about schools that have received funding from grants, crowdfunding, events and more...