What is crowdfunding?

Get your project funded by running a targeted online crowdfunding campaign

Build a support base

Building a support base – core team, influencers and donors – will ensure the success of your campaign

Campaign schedule

Allow time to plan and prepare, recruit support, launch and engage donors and finish your campaign successfully

How to use social media

Use social media to boost the success of your campaign

Promoting your campaign

The key to crowdfunding success is getting lots of people to pledge – identify supporters and plan your strategy

How to create a big-impact video

Boost the success of your campaign with an engaging video

The Rewards Guide

Offer rewards to your crowdfunding supporters as an incentive to encourage them to dig a little deeper

The Crowdfunding Handbook

From preparing your project to thanking donors, this guide gives an overview of what you need to consider

Crowdfunding dos & don'ts

These essential tips will help you create a successful campaign

What makes a good project?

Director of the UK Crowdfunding Association, Jonathan May answers some frequently-asked crowdfunding questions

Outdoor learning project

St John's Primary School in Hampshire crowdfunded for an outdoor tree hut and raised £3,045

How to write a crowdfunding campaign press release

Publish a press release to boost support for your campaign