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10 steps to grant fundraising success

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Many schools are turning to grant fundraising to boost their budgets, but applying for grants is a competitive practice. In this article, school fundraising expert, Rachel Gordon, explains how to increase your chances of success.

1 Many funders want to work with schools

At the heart of communities, schools hold an unrivalled position, with existing networks that engage children and families in the area, and detailed knowledge of the challenges that communities face. Working with schools can help funders increase their understanding of a problem or geographical area and enable them to start working within a particular community. Both national and local grant-givers share this interest.

2 Grant givers have their own priorities

3 Funding for schools is out there!

4 You don’t need to be a charity to apply for grant funding

5 Should your school budget cover this?

6 Always check the eligibility criteria

7 Having a clear purpose is vital

8 The Devil is in the [budget] detail

9 Allocate time for grant fundraising

10 Build relationships with grant givers

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