What is FundEd?

FundEd is a time-saving toolkit for School Business Managers, which features a comprehensive range of proven income generation solutions. For just £90 (+VAT) a year, FundEd equips you with the tools you need to raise funds quickly, develop new fundraising skills, and build resilience for the future.

Need funding to deliver your School Development Plan?

Whether your priority is raising attainment in maths, improving literacy, replacing outdated resources, developing a better outdoor space, (or something else), FundEd is here to help! Creating a strategy for generating the income required to meet the school's priorities is the vital first step. For advice on developing a strategy, read the Planning a Fundraising Strategy article and Brainstorming Fundraising Ideas feature. Use our strategy template to outline your goals and targets, identify your potential support base, and recognise outcome drivers.

Don't have time to spend researching grants?

The FundEd grants database has been designed to save members time and effort. We've done all the research for you, with available funding listed by curriculum or interest area. Most of the grant-giving trusts listed feature examples of previously-funded school projects, which enables you to see which kind of projects have been supported in the past and how similar these are to your own.

Want proven examples of funding solutions that have worked for other schools?

Browse our range of case studies for practical, real-world solutions. School leaders and PTAs have shared their successes with grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising events, business partnerships, and more. Benchmark your school against primary, secondary, or special needs settings with a similar number of pupils, that were facing similar challenges. This will help you better assess what your own school is able to achieve.

Need to build knowledge and confidence when it comes to income generation?

Our knowledgeable team of funding experts contribute advice specifically tailored to address the needs of the education sector. Whatever your fundraising plans, get detailed and trusted advice on everything from applying for grants and running a crowdfunding campaign, to establishing business partnerships and running successful events. Our experts can also offer tailored support should you need it – simply send your questions to info@funded.org.uk.

Interested to know what free resources are available through campaigns, competitions and prize draws?

The FundEd website is regularly updated with campaigns and competitions that run throughout the year. Schools can usually acquire equipment, access new learning opportunities or get cash prizes as a result of participating in various activities. We also secure education resources to give away once a term in our exclusive FundEd prize draws.

Eager to work better, save time and maximise budgets?

No need to reinvent the wheel! Our knowledge bank features shared templates, checklists, expert procurement advice, event-planning step-by-step guides and more.


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