What is crowdfunding?

Piggy bank

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Get your project funded by your local community, by running a targeted online crowdfunding campaign.

Rather than asking one donor for a large investment, crowdfunding asks a large crowd of donors to each make a small contribution. This method of fundraising should be especially effective for schools, given that you have a ready-made network of people in your community – parents, governors, suppliers and business owners – who have a vested interest in seeing your project succeed!


Through our technology partners at Hubbub, we've created a bespoke online platform tailored specifically for schools. Crowdfunded.org.uk enables every project you run to be easily shared with your supporters through email and social media. The benefits of a well-managed crowdfunding campaign go far beyond the extra funds in your bank... Crowdfunding helps raise awareness of your school's vision, opens doors to new opportunities and partnerships, and increases your support base for future appeals.

Our Guides

We've created a guide to take you through every step of the crowdfunding journey.

Advice from our experts

Lewis Clayton, Account Director at Hubbub told us: 'We would encourage schools to start off with a project that has the potential to engage a wide base of supporters. As crowdfunding puts your project in front of everyone, if it fails to achieve its target, it can do so publicly. If you think your project might be a challenge, do some offline fundraising before you go live. The litmus test for the viability of a project is whether you can name five people who you know would immediately pledge. Aim to get commitment from a number of people who will add their donation as soon as the project launches. Once you have some pledges, more will naturally follow.'