Tagtiv8 games make learning active, relevant and fun – helping develop confidence in phonics, spelling and maths.

Is Tagtiv8 about PE or English or Mathematics? The uniquely active games are about all three and more!

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at how we can make every moment an opportunity for learning. Tagtiv8 active learning games create unique and innovative opportunities to combine English and/or Mathematics with PE.

The PE activities help Learners understand key mathematical concepts and be more successful with phonics and spelling. Indeed, each game has a physical and a cognitive element. Learners compete and collaborate, solve problems and apply strategy. Tagtiv8 games are engaging and educational, easy to organise and to play.

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information – Tagtiv8 active learning games not only provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom-based learning, but promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

The Tagtiv8 active games ensure that children:

  • Develop confidence with key mathematical concepts
  • Are more successful with phonics & spelling
  • Are engaged and enthused
  • Feel fitter
  • Smile!

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'We bought Tagtiv8 a few months back and it lived under my desk for a while - big mistake! As soon as we opened it and explored the possibilities, we were astounded by the mathematical opportunities it offers, particularly the language and discussion of operations it encourages the children to do. Every class is now using Tagtiv8 to offer maths in the wider curriculum. It is being used for a whole maths challenge day and is being proposed as a learning intervention next term. It is that good and that versatile to use.'
Andy Gaunt, Head Teacher, Greengates Primary School, Bradford

'Tagtiv8 is epic!'
Year 4 pupil, Addingham Primary School, West Yorkshire

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