Project Playgrounds


Stimulate playground activity and educational play with a wide range of standard and bespoke playground markings.

Project Playgrounds has the ability to create any thermoplastic surface design to any dimension for installation on tarmac or concrete surfaces. Products bring colour and interest to a normally grey and featureless playground surface. Project Playgrounds' expertise comes as a result of having provided several hundred bespoke school 'welcome logos' as part of our service of playground markings.

  • Traditional games (i.e. hopscotch)
  • Literacy (i.e. a-z snake, phenomes set)
  • Number grids
  • Board games (i.e. noughts and crosses, snakes and ladders)
  • Targets
  • Clocks and compasses
  • Mazes
  • Road tracks
  • School logos

For more information

Phone: 01625 829723