Education Umbrella


A leading provider of books, eBooks, digital resources and other teaching tools to UK and international schools.

With a commitment to market-leading prices year-round, Education Umbrella brings both state-of-the-art technology and all-important books to your classroom at the click of a button. Matching an advanced e-commerce website with over 60 years’ experience in the industry, Education Umbrella is synonymous with ‘confident buying for education’.

Education Umbrella is committed to serving the education industry as fully as possible. A large part of this will always be making your budgets go as far as possible. That’s why they have a standard discount across the entire range of at least 10% on every book, and up to 45% on a huge range of titles.

The ‘Curriculum Vital’ sub-site will give you all the most important and relevant information on the new curriculum, the education market, and new and coming publishing to complement them.

Education Umbrella also offers a loyalty scheme, earn 'Eureka!' points for every £1 spent. Parents and students shopping through the site can also earn points for your school.

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