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Establishing business partnerships

Not sure who to approach or what to ask for? Do your research, start with a few key contacts and prepare a proposal.

1 Identify potential partners

Firstly, look at the existing connections you have. This might include local suppliers, parents who are involved with the school or who run a local business, or contacts via the PTA. Who is advertising in local newspapers or regional magazines? If they have a marketing budget, you can tap into that! Search jobs boards to see who is hiring in your area – if a company is expanding, then they may have funds.

2 Speak to a decision maker

3 Start the conversation

4 Arrange to meet

5 Show that you offer good value for money

6 Give them options

7 Demonstrate impact!

8 Help your partners grow

About our expert

Howard Rose is Director of Funding and Publicity at Balsall Common Primary School and Damson Wood Nursery and Infants. Since 2012, he has secured just under £500,000 for the school through grants and sponsorship. He also estimates saving the school over £20,000 a year by negotiating free teaching and learning resources or services from local businesses. In 2015 he won a Chamber of Commerce Education and Business Partnership Award.

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