Improving knowledge or skills

Up to £5,000 to help disadvantaged people improve skills or knowledge

Arts and commerce projects

Funding provided to smaller organisations for arts and commerce projects

Meet the funder: Groundwork

Groundwork's grant schemes are helping communities improve their outdoor space

How to write an evidence-based bid

Using evidence and data to back up your bid can increase your chances of success

Community & environmental projects

Up to £75,000 for community and environmnetal project in England and Wales

Science and the arts

Up to £50,000 awarded to promote science, medicine and the arts

Grants for registered charities

Small grants for registered charities over a wide range of charitable objectives

Arts-based teaching

Up to £150,000 for partnerships of schools and arts organisations

Innovative teaching

Up to £15,000 for a project that demonstrates innovative teaching

Funding for East Midlands schools

Grants of up to £2,000 for community and wildlife projects in the East Midlands

Raising aspirations

Between £1,000 and £10,000 to raise the aspirations of children in Wales

Marine projects

Up to £5,000 for innovative projects related to the marine environment

Maintaining breakfast clubs

Training and up to £1,000 to help maintain your school breakfast club

Supporting the disadvantaged

Small grants to support minority groups, those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable

Exploring the arts

Up to £2,000 for pupils to explore the arts outside the classroom