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Your grant application checklist

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Before submitting a grant application, there are some vital final checks to be made. So follow our checklist to ensure your application is ready to go and has the best chance of success.

1 Have you met the criteria?

Every grant programme will have a set of criteria. This tells you what type of organisation and what kind of project the funder is looking to support. Towards the end of the bid-writing process, return to the criteria and evaluate your work against it. Have you explained to the reader how you will meet all the essential criteria? For example, if you were applying for a sports grant that only funded projects to increase young people’s sports participation levels and engage hard to reach groups, have you explained how exactly you will deliver both of these things?


2 Why is your project needed?

3 Where’s the evidence?

4 Have you provided a detailed budget?

5 Have you asked someone to read your application?

6 Have you provided all documentation?

7 Do you have other documents to send?

8 Have you checked submission and deadline details?

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